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My earliest memories are of me singing and playing my guitar. My dad taught me to play guitar and I spent countless hours singing country music.  Later years singing around northeast texas helped me earn a living doing what I loved to do. Sing......... In 1978 I married Anette and started a small business with my dad. On June 8, 1980 our daughter Leslie was born. She was our only child. What a blessing she was. A decision was made then that I never regretted and that was to stay home and watch my daughter grow up instead of going on the road to persue a music career. You see the Lord had different plans for me, I accepted him as my savior in 1984, and he gave me a new heart and new attitude toward life. Being home to watch all of Leslie's ball games and seeing her grow into such a lovely young woman was something I will cherish. I'm so thankful I didn't miss any part of that.  And, Oh yeah! Did I tell you she loved to hear her Daddy sing.  But, then Anette and I had our lives changed forever on September 20, 2006 at the senseless shooting that took Leslie's life. You know I had a whole new set of songs that came to me then, though I had no heart to sing them. Some of you may face a tragedy like we have. The easy way out is alcoholism or drug addiction, but that's the wrong direction. We may never know or understand God's purpose for our loss we only know turning to God's promise which offers us the great eternal hope is what gets us through each day. It was a while after Leslie was killed when she came to me in a dream, and told me, "Daddy, I want you to sing,  Keep on singing." I thought about it for a while and I realized singing was what she wanted me to do. You see my faith and belief that one day when the Lord calls me, or comes for his own we will be reunited with our precious daughter. This is the hope that sustains me.
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